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Hi there! I’m Dr. Li, and welcome to my blog, where I will go over plastic reconstructive surgery advice/topics and any questions you have for me. After years of taking care and talking to my patients, I am looking forward to making this blog into a space where anyone can access my advice and hear from my experience. Any one of my patients would tell you that I am a firm believer in being upfront and honest with all the information they need to know before and after surgery. I hope the information, advice, and lessons I put into this blog will help you in your care journey.

So, where did this company start? It starts with my patients. After taking care of my patients for many decades now, I know exactly what is needed, but after years of searching for products to make my patients’ lives easier, I’ve come up empty-handed again and again. With no solution available, I decided to make the solution. By bringing together my creative passion, clinical experience, and my wonderful team at Surgical Seecrets™, we are launching our very first product, the ‘Seecret Undies’ (patent-pending). Stay tuned for more in the future!

If you have anything you would like me to address in a blog post, feel free to send me a message through our “Contact” page.

-- Dr. Li

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  • Dr. Li is a phenomenal plastic surgeon, and Dr. as a whole. I know this because she did the plastic surgery required in my colostomy surgery. She is very down to earth, has a great sense of humor, is knowledgeable, understanding and kind. I know she put a lot of thought and care into her products and they do their job(s) perfectly.


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