• Dr. Li's Guide to Getting Drains After Surgery

      Drains... Are essential to prevent fluid build-up after surgery Need to be emptied and their (fluid) output needs to be recorded Output color c...
  • Dr. Li's Guide to Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    This year, the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all live and operate on a daily basis. The hospital where I work in Southern California has been no exception. I want to shine a light into the darkness regarding what you can expect from getting surgery during this time.
  • Behind our Seecret Undies

    Simply put, I have not found anything quite like our Seecret Undies. Our Undies is not a compression garment – there are plenty of those. Our Seecret Undies is a garment focused on providing comfort for the wearer and access to their carer.
  • Welcome to My Blog

    Hi there! I’m Dr. Li, and welcome to my blog, where I will go over plastic reconstructive surgery advice/topics and any questions you have for me. I hope the information, advice, and lessons I put into this blog will help you in your care journey.