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Testimonials from patients

My Seecret Apron™ was an absolute game changer. I don't know how I would have coped using the drain pouches from the hospital-- they were uncomfortable and inconvenient. My Apron was easy to clean, the pockets were the perfect size, and my family thought it looked very cute.

S. Hernandez (4 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

I love my Seecret Apron™! It was so convenient, my drains fit perfectly, and they were easy to pull out. It very easy to put on and take off. I wore it 24/7 and I will absolutely recommend it to everyone... I'll be telling all the women in my breast cancer group.

B. (4 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

I wore my Seecret Apron™ from the day I got it to the day my drains came out. I wore it all day and even to sleep. I slept on my back with my three drains in the front and the knot tied at my side. It was perfect!

L.G. (3 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

I love the Apron's colors, material, and pocket depth. I was even able to go to the store with my ID and phone in the pockets with my drains. My mom loves it, too!

K. (1 drain, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

My experience with my Seecret Apron™ was so much better than my previous experience with pouches given by my hospital. I always knew where my drains were and it allowed my hands to be free. Before, my grand-babies would yank on my drains, but the Apron concealed my drains from their curious hands. I even got many compliments from people at my local market!

R. Dodge (2 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

Five stars for my Seecret Apron™. As soon as I got out of the shower, my Apron was back on. My apron was very comfortable and I loved the depth of the pockets.

S. Dowda (4 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

I have had many surgeries before, so I've definitely used the pouches given by my hospital. It's pretty clear that my Seecret Apron made this my best experience with drains so far!

J. Wang (2 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

I love this Apron! I absolutely love the thickness and feel of the fabric.

Anonymous (4 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

My Apron gets a thumbs up-- very wonderful! I use it all day, everyday. At home, I use it to hold my drains, tissue, phones, and pens. I highly recommend the Seecret Apron.

M. Gregorich (1 drain, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

My Apron gave me much more freedom, it has made my life much easier. It stopped my drain tubes from putting pressure onto my skin and it stopped my tubes from getting accidentally hooked onto things. The Apron was soft and very helpful.

L. Corrine (2 drains, breast cancer survivor, verified user)

Hear from the professionals:

"Much, much easier"

Hear from Dr. B. Crawford, orthopedic oncologist, about how Seecret Undies is changing the game for her pelvic and hip patients.


"Comfortable and easier"

Hear from Dr. Andersen, a plastic reconstructive surgeon, about how the Seecret Apron helps his patients.


"A lot more flexibility"

Hear from M. Curtis, an ICU nurse, about how Seecret Undies gives her patients more freedom.


"Helps alleviate the pain"

Hear from nurse M.W. about how the Seecret Apron's adjustability makes it better than the rest.