Seecret Undies: Reviews from Medical Professionals

"As an orthopedic oncologist, I surgically remove tumors of the bones and soft tissue of the extremities. Dr. Li’s Undies are wonderful for my patients who have had pelvic or hip surgery, as it allows them to cover up with some compression and still allows easy access to incisions and drains. It’s often very hard to get into underwear after I’ve operated on your hip or pelvis, and these make it much, much easier." -- Dr. B. Crawford, orthopedic oncologist at UCLA

"I’m an ICU nurse and my patients used the Seecret Undies. The Undies make it a lot easier to look at the patient’s flap and secure the drains. The mesh panties normally used are more difficult to get on and off, especially when the patient is in bed. Those panties are also not adjustable so drains tend to get cut off or caught. With the Undies, the patients get a lot more flexibility in terms of which positions they want to lay in and how much they can move. I absolutely recommend these Undies to other nurses." -- M. Curtis, ICU nurse at City of Hope, California