Seecret Apron: Reviews from Medical Professionals

"Several of my patients have had the opportunity to use the Seecret Apron during their recovery from breast reconstruction surgery.  Two of my patients had previously used the standard hospital pouch, which hangs around the neck.  Both agreed that the Apron made drain management easier. The Apron contained the drains and the tubing in a way that was not only more comfortable, but also decreased the pulling on the drain site and decreased the likelihood that the tubing would get caught on something.  Containing the drains was more comfortable with the apron secured at the waist as opposed to a pouch hung around the neck.  The Apron was clearly preferred.  I agree with my patients on the fine quality of construction." -- Dr. Andersen, plastic reconstructive surgeon at City of Hope, California
As a nurse for plastic surgery and breast surgery patients, I think the Seecret Apron works really well for patients. The drain tubes aren’t pulling on their skin because they get a good amount of slack on the line. They also don’t have to clip anything to their clothes so in general the apron helps alleviate the pain. The bags patients normally use hang on their shoulders and neck, causing tension and pulling on their shoulders for long periods of time, so the apron helps prevent that and is a lot more adjustable. The apron is definitely a better option. -- M.W., nurse at City of Hope, California