About Us

Surgical Seecrets Inc™ produces post-surgical undergarments that provide easy access for the dressing of hard-to-access wounds. Surgical Seecrets undergarments are comfortable for patients, allow medical teams to easily view and care for wounds, and help care givers easily put on and remove undergarments for patients with mobility issues.

Dr. Wai-Yee Li, the CEO and Founder of Surgical Seecrets, is a Board-Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, based in Los Angeles, who specializes in rebuilding patients after cancer surgery. With a Ph.D. in wound healing, Dr. Li has applied her extensive experience, knowledge, and skills to rethink our approach to wound care. Click here to read more about her surgical journey. Click here to hear from Dr. Li's patients. 

Through her daily patient interactions, she has noticed time and time again that current methods of wound dressings have not changed for centuries, being often painful and uncomfortable. Now, after more than two decades of caring for a large variety of wounds, Dr. Li’s innovation is changing the way physicians and care teams view and apply wound dressings to patients.

Dr. Li developed Surgical Seecrets Inc™ in 2019 to manufacture her design of easy access, post-surgical undergarments. To guarantee quality and perfection, Dr. Li has streamlined each step of production. All Surgical Seecrets garments are manufactured in her home state of California, USA. The mission of Surgical Seecrets is to provide ‘comfortable access’ by producing comfortable garments for the wearer, while also providing easy access to wounds.

Meet Dr. Wai-Yee Li

Plastic Surgeon, Wound Care Specialist

Image of Dr. Wai-Yee Li

Dr. Wai-Yee Li (M.D., Ph.D.) specializes in rebuilding patients after mastectomies and surgeries for gynecological, colorectal, and urological cancers. During two decades of experience caring for complex wounds, she recognized that current wound dressings are inadequate, and designed a new, patent-pending undergarment that allows easy checking and re-dressing of hard to access wounds.

While typical wound dressings are hard to apply and difficult to remove, Dr. Li’s undergarment can be easily accessed and opened for view of surgical wounds, as well as easily changed by caregivers. Dr. Li is excited to use Surgical Seecrets™ to create garments that improve wound care management and provide better care for patients!

Residency and Training

During her plastic surgery residency at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Dr. Li cared for patients with severe burns, trauma, and surgical wounds. Following her residency, she completed a pediatric plastic surgery fellowship in Vancouver, Canada, caring for children with congenital conditions and burns. She currently works at one of America's leading cancer hospitals, as an Associate Clinical Professor in her chosen specialty of post-cancer reconstruction. Dr. Li is also well-published as a clinical researcher and has presented her work on a national and international level. She sits on the editorial board of the Annals of Plastic Surgery Journal and Hand Journal. 


Educated in the UK, where Dr. Li trained in general surgery and plastic surgery. After obtaining her membership from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, she moved to Los Angeles. She completed her Ph.D. in wound healing and craniofacial development at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, awarded by the University of Manchester, UK. Her research was funded by the prestigious joint fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the American College of Surgeons.  

Dr. Wai-Yee Li has always had a creative eye and a unique passion for her work that she channels daily into her career as one of Southern California’s top plastic and reconstructive surgeons. She is eager to help other physicians and patients through Surgical Seecrets™ undergarments, by providing the ease of access for patients with difficult to reach and view wounds.

Meet Sophie Cheung

Vice President & Artistic Director

Image of Sophie Cheung, Vice President

As the vice president and artistic director of Surgical Seecrets™, Sophie has had an integral role in the design of each garment and the branding of our company. Most of your experience, from our website down to your thank you card, has been lovingly crafted and curated by Sophie.

When she’s not updating our inventory, photoshopping our latest garment, or packaging our latest orders, Sophie is staying very busy in college. As the Vice President of her university's Investment Fund and as a speech & debate coach in the Bay Area, Sophie is no stranger to fostering a creative, boundary-pushing environment for herself and others to excel in. She carries that energy and excitement into creating the best possible experience for you, our amazing customers and patients who inspire us everyday.